2019 La Ferme du Mont Vacqueyras Six pack

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Soil: We work on two different soils, one with Swiss Marly soil and gravels and one on a terrace of poor soil with limestone scree. This wine is natural and unfiltered, it is possible that a deposit is formed, it is the guarantor of our artisanal and respectful work.

Varieties : 50% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 20% Mourvèdre

Vinification : Manual harvest in small cases, vatting without yeasting, slow fermentation starts after 48:00. The work in the cellar is done very naturally depending on the fermentation kinetics of the vintage which corresponds to a decreasing active phase over a period of more than 1 month by delicate acts until the end of the sugars. The objective is to offer an authentic juice signed by nature itself where man is only present for the purpose of "accompanying" forces and balances. Aging distributed between small vats and very fine wooden barrels of 1 and 2 wines.

Tasting notes : In the end, a lot of character and expression in the juices. The spices from the wild environment of the site were captured when released in tanks to better find them in bottle. The original taste structure in the mouth rests on the old Mourvèdre harvested very late and whose small berries deeply mark the style of this cuvée. The roundness and the fruit gradually give way to the breadth and power of the hillsides. You will only feel the delicate presence of the wood through the spicy mineral expression of the soil in the middle of the mouth. A long liquorice and fleshy finish with a strong accent of terroirs and flowers at the end of summer will be returned to a well-chosen place, fullness and eternity… .

Serving suggestions: At 15 ° C. We can favor a filet of beef with red pepper, an old ham that has been naturally ripened, a partridge à la royal and why not a large livaro.

Aging : Can be kept for up to 15 years.



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